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1.1.44 [21-5-2022]
  • [Bugfix] Pinterest hover button was not appearing on the images at the WooCommerce product pages
  • [Bugfix] Social Shares column was mis-aligned at the WooCommerce Products page
1.1.43 [2-5-2022]
  • [Bugfix] Feature to use your own custom social share icons was not working
1.1.42 [31-3-2022]
  • [Bugfix] Selecting Right or Bottom counter position was not displaying the share counts with the icons
  • [Bugfix] Social Media Follow icons were not getting the logo colors of the social share icons when configured so
  • [Bugfix] Gettr share icon was not sharing the title of the web page
  • [Bugfix] Gettr share icon was sharing on Facebook in AMP
  • [Bugfix] Center alignment for the Standard share bar was not working in AMP
  • [Security] Fixed two XSS Vulnerability issues
  • [New] Added an option to left, center and right align the icons in the Sassy Social Share Pro - Follow Icons widget
  • [Bugfix] SMS share icon was not sharing the correct web page
  • [Bugfix] Center alignment for the social share icons was not working
  • [Bugfix] Copy Link share icon in the More popup was not working
  • [Bugfix] myCRED Points for Linkedin shares were not being rewarded
  • [Bugfix] Floating mode was not functional in the social media follow widget
  • [Improvement] Anchor HTML tag for the More share icon now has an HREF attribute
  • [Improvement] Updated the official Facebook SDK being used throughout the plugin to the latest version 13.0
1.1.41 [26-2-2022]
  • [Bugfix] Viber icon was not sharing the correct URL
  • [Improvement] Improved the font-size of the share count being displayed with the social share icons
  • [Improvement] Minor improvements
1.1.40 [25-1-2022]
  • [New] Added Gettr social share and social media follow icon
  • [Improvement] Extra CSS files will not be loaded anymore if you change the logo color of the icons
  • [Improvement] Updated the Facebook JS SDK being used throughout the plugin to the latest version 12.0
  • [Improvement] Improved HTML of the social share and social media follow icons meeting the W3C standards
  • [Bugfix] Whatsapp share was not triggering the app in the mobile device
  • [Bugfix] Selecting Floating type in the Follow Icons widget was not triggering the relevant extra options
  • [Security] Fixed XSS vulnerability
1.1.39 [27-12-2021]
  • [Bugfix] Facebook share icon was not appearing in the Rearrange Icons section even after selecting it in the social network selection
  • [Bugfix] Email share was not working if there was a single quote in the custom subject specified for the Email share in the Miscellaneous section
1.1.37 [29-11-2021]
  • [New] Added a new feature to take into account the shares of the social networks not included in the social share bar, in the total share count
1.1.36 [21-9-2021]
  • [Bugfix] Social share icons were not responding in some cases
  • [Bugfix] Share Counts were not stable when using the shortcode or widget with share counts enabled and Save Share Counts locally option enabled
1.1.35 [22-8-2021]
  • [New] Added Snapchat and Koo social share icons
  • [Improvement] Options to specify starting share count were not appearing when only total share count was enabled
  • [Improvement] Performance improvement
1.1.34 [11-8-2021]
  • [Bugfix] Options to specify starting share count were not appearing for some social networks
1.1.33 [1-8-2021]
  • [New] Added a new option that allows you to use the starting share counts saved in the Sassy free version
  • [Bugfix] Performance improvement
1.1.32 [20-7-2021]
  • [Bugfix] PHP 8 was breaking the functionality in a few cases
1.1.31 [8-7-2021]
  • [Bugfix] Share Counts were not working properly in some cases when used with Shortcode
  • [Improvement] Admin UI improvements
1.1.30 [1-7-2021]
  • [Improvement] Shortcode [Sassy_Social_Share] can also be used to integrate social share icons
1.1.29 [13-6-2021]
  • [Bugfix] Exisitng Social Share counts of the free plugin were being ignored when saving shares locally
  • [Bugfix] Share counts were not working for the new posts when shares were being saved locally
1.1.28 [8-6-2021]
  • [New] Added a new option to save social shares in the database of website
  • [New] Added Baidu social share icon
  • [Bugfix] Pinterest share icon was not working in AMP
  • [Bugfix] Floating share Bar was not appearing at the home page when Yoast SEO plugin was active
  • [Improvement] Compatible with PHP 8
  • [Improvement] Performance improvement
1.1.27 [11-5-2021]
  • [Bugfix] Previous update was causing the share counts to double, triple frequently
1.1.26 [11-5-2021]
  • [New] Added a new option to save social shares in the database of your website instead of depending upon social APIs
  • [Bugfix] Plugin was not working with PHP 8.0
  • [Bugfix] Integration with Google Analytics was not working because of the recent changes introduced in the Google Analytics
  • [Improvement] Updated Facebook JS SDK being used throughout the plugin to the latest version 10.0
1.1.25 [22-4-2021]
  • [Bugfix] Title above the standard share bar was not being translated when using WPML
  • [Improvement] Improved Gab logo
1.1.24 [4-3-2021]
  • [New] Plugin now supports Gab for social sharing
  • [Bugfix] After the last update the checkbox, Disable Standard/Floating Sharing interface on this post, was appearing checked automatically in the Sassy Social Share Premium section at the post/page edit area in some cases
  • [Bugfix] Floating share bar was not appearing at the non-AMP web page when Reader mode was active in the settings of AMP plugin
  • [Improvement] Improved Whatsapp and Vkontakte social share icons
1.1.23 [18-2-2021]
  • [New] Added option to specify multiple Facebook App ID and Secret pairs to avoid reaching the limit imposed on the number of Facebook graph API requests
  • [New] Added Gab icon in the Social Media follow widget
  • [Bugfix] Plugin was causing problems when editing the pages and posts in the admin area
  • [Bugfix] Floating share bar was being displayed for a while on page-load even when it was set to show only on page-scroll
  • [Bugfix] Floating share bar was hiding on scrolling to footer even when not set to hide
  • [Improvement] Performance improvement
1.1.22 [23-1-2021]
  • [Bugfix] There were two Parler share icons appearing in the Rearrange Icons section at the configuration page and it was messing the layout of the social share bar at the front-end
1.1.21 [14-12-2020]
  • [New] Added Parler share in the social share bar and Parler follow icon in the Social Media Follow Widget
  • [Bugfix] CSS files of the plugin were being updated on updating the plugin to the next version even when logo color was not customized from the Theme Selection section and this was generating a Wordfence alert
  • [Bugfix] CSS for the AMP Social Share icons was also being loaded at the normal web pages
  • [Improvement] Updated Facebook SDK to latest version 9.0
1.1.20 [18-11-2020]
  • [Bugfix] SMS share was placing // automatically in the Send To section
1.1.19 [5-11-2020]
  • [New] Added option to show floating share bar on scrolling the web page and hide just before reaching the bottom
  • [New] Added option to select the page-groups where to integrate the Pinterest hover button on images
1.1.18 [26-10-2020]
  • [New] Added Goodreads and Blog follow icons in the Social Media Follow widget
1.1.17 [19-10-2020]
  • [Bugfix] Whatsapp share icon in every share bar was sharing the link of first page on a web page listing multiple articles
1.1.16 [13-10-2020]
  • [New] Added email_body attribute in the shortcode to customize the body of Email share
1.1.15 [13-10-2020]
  • [New] Added email_subject attribute in the shortcode to customize the subject of Email share
  • [Improvement] Auto-update feature of WordPress 5.5 is now working for the add-on
1.1.14 [10-10-2020]
  • [New] Added option to customize subject and body of email share
1.1.13 [2-10-2020]
  • [Bugfix] Clear Bitly cache and Clear share count cache buttons in the Miscellaneous section at Social Sharing options page were showing infinite loading
  • [Bugfix] Help icon and text were not working with WordPress 5.5
  • [Improvement] Performance improvement
1.1.12 [7-9-2020]
  • [Bugfix] Plain background was not taking effect for Instagram share icon after configuring it from Miscellaneous section
1.1.11 [10-8-2020]
  • [Bugfix] Sassy Social Share Pro - Follow Icons widget was generating error on AMP
1.1.10 [28-7-2020]
  • [New] Added new attribute text in the shortcode to specify custom text to share
1.1.9 [29-6-2020]
  • [New] Added option in Miscellaneous section to specify custom text to share
  • [Bugfix] FB Messenger share was not working in mobile
1.1.8 [22-5-2020]
  • [Bugfix] Sina weibo share was not working
  • [Bugfix] url shortener was not working
  • [Improvement] Updated Facebook JS SDK to latest version 6.0
  • [Improvement] Updated ClipBoard JS to latest version 2.0.6
  • [Improvement] Performance improvement
1.1.7 [10-4-2020]
  • [New] Added option to export, import plugin configuration
1.1.6 [1-3-2020]
  • [New] Added Goodreads share icon
1.1.5 [6-2-2020]
  • [Bugfix] Title, Description and Image meta options in edit-post section were not working
1.1.4 [12-1-2020]
  • [Bugfix] Social Share layover popup was not responsive
1.1.3 [7-12-2019]
  • [Bugfix] Pinterest Pin button was appearing on hovering images even when this option was disabled
  • [Bugfix] Social Sharing was not working when installed this plugin without installing Sassy Social Share first and Enable Social Share PopUp option was enabled
1.1.2 [4-12-2019]
  • [Bugfix] Social Share Layover popup was not working in some cases
  • [Bugfix] Custom icons were also affecting share icons in More popup
  • [Bugfix] Instagram logo was appearing multicolored in the instances being displayed in admin area when there was custom background color saved in Theme Selection section
1.1.1 [28-11-2019]
  • [Bugfix] Previous version was breaking social share on custom posts
  • [New] Added option (in Miscellaneous section) to control if Javascript should be loaded on every page or only where it is needed
1.1 [27-11-2019]
  • [Bugfix] Click to Tweet shortcode was not working in some cases
  • [Improvement] Admin UI improvement
  • Initial release