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Fancy Comments Pro

Technology WordPress
Version 1.1.19

Fancy Comments Pro version. Integrate Facebook Comments with moderation, notification and layout customization features. Reward myCRED points for Facebook Comments


  • EU-GDPR Compliant
  • Compatible with PHP 8
  • Recover comments lost after moving website to SSL with options to control which web pages to recover comments for
  • Prevent query string parameters (parameters in the url) from affecting the Facebook Comments
  • Restrict access to Facebook Comments for the users not logged into your website
  • Show recent Facebook Comments in a widget from all over your website
  • Reward myCRED points for Facebook Comments
  • Approve, Unapprove, Delete comments appearing in Recent Facebook Comments widget
  • Moderate comments right from the webpage where Facebook comments are enabled.
  • Moderate comments made all over your website from single moderation panel.
  • Enable users to upload image in comment box
  • Add multiple moderators
  • Approve or hide comments
  • Set default visibility for new comments – pending or approved
  • Blacklist words to avoid unwanted/abusive comments
  • Set default comment sorting when comments load at webpage
  • Ban unwanted users to limit visibility of comments made by them
  • Receive instant email notification whenever someone posts Facebook Comment at your website
  • Specify multiple emails to receive notification
  • Enable email notification for the author of post/page
  • Customize subject and message of the notification email
  • Spanish translation available


Fancy Facebook Comments Pro - Basic ConfigurationFancy Facebook Comments Pro - Basic Configuration 2Fancy Facebook Comments Pro - Moderation OptionsFancy Facebook Comments Pro - Notification OptionsFancy Facebook Comments Pro - GDPR OptionsFancy Facebook Comments Pro myCRED IntegrationFancy Facebook Comments Pro - Recent Facebook CommentsFancy Facebook Comments Pro - Shortcode WidgetFancy Facebook Comments Pro - License SettingsFancy Facebook Comments Pro Recent Facebook Comments WidgetFancy Facebook Comments Pro Facebook Comments Widget


  • Download the plugin from the download link received via email after purchase
  • Navigate to Plugins > Add New > Upload Plugin page in admin panel of your website, upload the downloaded zip package and activate it after installation
  • Deactivate, delete the Fancy Facebook Comments FREE version
  • Navigate to Fancy Facebook Comments Pro options page in the admin area to configure options
  • If you were already using this plugin, navigate to the License Settings section at the Fancy Facebook Comments Pro options page in the admin area and replace old license key with the new license key


Step-by-Step Instructions


  • Updates and Support
  • 1 year automatic updates
  • 1 year email support

Note: This works as a standalone plugin. So, you need to deactivate, delete Fancy Facebook Comments free version after installing this plugin.

If there is anything (lack of feature, pricing, whatever) that is stopping you from buying the add-on, drop us an email at hello(at)heateor(dot)com. We will do our best to fulfill your request.





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1.1.19 [31-10-2021]
  • [Improvement] Updated the Facebook Javascript SDK being used throughout the plugin to the latest version 12.0
  • [Improvement] Plugin is not saving any cookies in the browsers of the website visitors
1.1.18 [17-9-2021]
  • [Bugfix] Adding new post, page was not possible when this plugin was active with PHP 8
1.1.17 [19-8-2021]
  • [New] Added an option to restrict access to Facebook Comments for the users not logged into your website
1.1.16 [22-7-2021]
  • [Improvement] Updated the Facebook SDK being used throughout the plugin to the version 10.0
1.1.15 [12-6-2021]
  • [Bugfix] Help icon right next the options disappeared after updating the WordPress to version 5.5
  • [Bugfix] Replaced broken profile pictures in the Recent Facebook Comments section with the no-picture thumb
1.1.14 [20-5-2021]
  • [New] Added new option to ignore the querystring parameters that are affecting Facebook Comments
  • [Improvement] Updated Facebook JS SDK to the latest version 8.0
1.1.13 [19-4-2021]
  • [New] Added option to control which web pages to recover comments for
  • [Improvement] Admin UI improvement
1.1.12 [20-1-2021]
  • [Improvement] Replaced broken profile picture with no-profile picture image when Facebook account numeric ID of the comment-poster was not being retrieved
  • [Improvement] Updated Facebook SDK to latest version 7.0
  • [Improvement] Link to Facebook debugger in the Moderation section was broken
  • [Improvement] Performance improvement
1.1.11 [19-11-2020]
  • [Improvement] Updated Facebook SDK to latest version 6.0
1.1.10 [10-10-2020]
  • [New] Added option to export, import plugin configuration
1.1.9 [2-9-2020]
  • [Improvement] Admin UI improvement
1.1.8 [3-8-2020]
  • [Improvement] Using latest Facebook API version - v4.0
1.1.7 [20-7-2020]
  • [New] Added option to change theme of Facebook Comments
  • [New] Added TinyMCE editor for notification email message
  • [New] Added options to provide link to Terms and Conditions page in GDPR optin text
  • [Improvement] Admin UI improvement
1.1.6 [16-12-2019]
  • [Bugfix] Facebook Comments were not being saved in the Recent Facebook Comments section in some cases
1.1.5 [11-11-2019]
  • [Improvement] fbclid parameter in the url was causing comments to disappear
1.1.4 [20-10-2019]
  • [New] Added option to not load Facebook SDK
  • [New] Added option to recover Facebook Comments lost after moving website to HTTPS
1.1.3 [11-9-2019]
  • [Improvement] Performance improvement
  • [Improvement] Admin UI compatibility fixes for WordPress 5.1
1.1.2 [9-8-2019]
  • [Improvement] Facebook Comments were being rendered on AMP too which was causing AMP validation errors
1.1.1 [11-6-2019]
  • Added option to reward myCRED points for Facebook Comments
1.1 [10-5-2019]
  • Admin UI improvements and bugfixes
  • Initial release