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Facebook Comments Moderation

Facebook Comments Moderation

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Version 1.2.2

Recover Facebook Comments lost after moving to Https/SSL. Show recent Facebook Comments in a widget. Full control over Facebook Comments. Approve, disapprove, hide comments, blacklist words, ban users, add moderators.

Note: Comment Mirroring feature is no longer supported by Facebook for the Facebook apps which have not enabled this option in the app settings, from November 2017. This add-on also doesn’t support this feature anymore.


  • Recover Facebook Comments lost after moving to Https/SSL
  • Show recovered Facebook Comments at your Webpages
  • Show recent Facebook Comments in a widget from all over your website
  • Approve, Unapprove, Delete comments appearing in Recent Facebook Comments widget
  • Moderate comments right from the webpage where Facebook comments are enabled.
  • Moderate comments made all over your website from single moderation panel.
  • Enable users to upload image in comment box
  • Add multiple moderators
  • Approve or hide comments
  • Set default visibility for new comments – pending or approved
  • Blacklist words to avoid unwanted/abusive comments
  • Set default comment sorting when comments load at webpage
  • Ban unwanted users to limit visibility of comments made by them

Note: If you are planning to use Recover Facebook Comments feature, first check below if Facebook API is returning the comments for the webpage you want to recover comments for, as our add-on depends on this API.
Copy-paste the exact url (with “https”) you are seeing in the address bar of browser and replace “https” with “http”. If you are not able to fetch any comments here, our add-on will also not recover the comments.

This tool simply fetches the Facebook Comments for the url you enter. You would like to see if this is able to fetch comments for the “http” version of your SSL/Https webpages.


Facebook Moderation - Add-On OptionsFacebook Moderation - Moderate from Facebook Comments InterfaceFacebook Moderation - Moderation PanelFacebook Moderation - Approve Unapprove Delete Recent Facebook CommentsFacebook Moderation - Recover Facebook CommentsFacebook Moderation - Recover Facebook Comments FrontendFacebook Moderation - Recent Facebook Comments WidgetFacebook Moderation - Recent Facebook Comments Widget BackendFacebook Moderation - Recent Facebook Comments in SidebarFacebook Moderation - Recent Facebook Comments Widget in Sidebar Front-EndFacebook Moderation - Recent Facebook Comments Widget in Sidebar


  • Download the add-on from download link in the email regarding your order
  • Navigate to Plugins > Add New > Upload Plugin page in admin panel of your website, upload the downloaded add-on zip package and activate it after installation
  • Navigate to FB Comments Moderation page from left sidebar and configure the options


Step-by-Step Instructions


  • Updates and Support
  • 1 year automatic updates
  • 1 year email support
1. This Add-On requires Facebook Comments already installed (any plugin/functionality) at your website.
2. Facebook Comments will appear in Recent Facebook Comments and Recovered Facebook Comments sections at add-on options page and in Recent Facebook Comments widget for a webpage only after someone makes a Facebook Comment at that webpage after enabling the add-on.
If there is anything (lack of feature, pricing, whatever) that is stopping you from buying the add-on, drop us an email at hello(at)heateor(dot)com. We will do our best to fulfill your request.