Heateor Social Comments

Heateor Social Comments

This plugin let you transform the commenting system of your WordPress website. You can enable Facebook Comments, Disqus Comments and/or default WordPress comments simultaneously. You have full control over which of these four commenting systems you want to enable. You can choose between stacked and tabbed interface with re-ordering of the comments.


  • Integrate Facebook Comments
  • Integrate Disqus Comments
  • Choose between Tabbed and Stacked layouts
  • Rearrange order of enabled commenting systems
  • Customize labels for individual comment system as well as combined comment system
  • Show/Hide comment counts for individual comment system
  • Options to enable Social Commenting on default post types (posts, pages) as well as custom post types which support comments
  • Enable Social Comments with/without default comments system
  • Customizable behavior for individual comment system, like – Target Url, language, width of commenting interface, label etc.

What makes this plugin different and why should I choose this plugin when there are many other similar plugins?

  • Totally free. You don’t need to pay single penny to use this plugin
  • Plugin configuration is kept dead simple. You can configure it with help of an idiot 😉
  • Plugin loads optimally having minimum possible interference with overall loading of your website
  • No middle layer. You don’t need to create account at this website or give your email address to use this plugin
  • Lightweight Code: Straight-forward code doing just what it’s supposed to do
  • 24/7 support



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